The Grotte of Bosc

A subterranean journey

St Antonin Noble Val Photo Gallery

amoniteWelcome to the Bosc cave

The Bosc cave is 3.5 kilometres from SAINT-ANTONIN NOBLE-VAL, a medieval town located in the middle of the Aveyron gorge. SAINT-ANTONIN NOBLE-VAL is at the cross-road of 3 regions : Rouergue, Quercy and Albigeois. The Bosc is the only cave in the Tarn and Garonne county suitable to welcome visitors.

Thanks to a wide variety of colours and the exceptional richness of its formations the Bosc cave is a beauty of its own. Visitors will discover with sheer amazement all the natural creativity that stone and water together manage to carve into a limestone environment throughout time.In the reception hall a collection of mineral samples and fossils will take you into an incredible journey through time. Before the start of the guided tour you will enjoy watching a video tracing the story and the geology of the Bosc cave. All visits into the cave are with a guide.

We recommend that you wear a pullover during the visit as the cave temperature is a cool 14C° in average. And now follow the guide !!!.

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